Values, purpose and work: a successful combination!

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Give meaning to one's life, AND one's work. The debate is open, and even more so since the Covid-19 crisis which was despite everything an opportunity for many of us to ask ourselves the right questions.

Fulfilling yourself today means giving meaning to what you do, both personally and professionally. Even through work, we contribute to creating added value for society. Therefore, it seems just as important to find some meaning in it for yourself. 

According to the results of de P'op, a French human resources consulting firm, aspirations for well-being in the workplace are becoming more widely accepted and are changing with the health crisis. The survey figures are instructive. Nearly half of the people surveyed say that their professional aspirations have changed. 41% want to reduce their working hours despite a lower salary. Half say they only want to work for a company that shares their values.

Ask yourself the right questions to find the meaning you give to your work:

Why am I doing this job?

How do I contribute to the community, to my company, to my environment?

What do I like about my work?

What legacy do I leave by contributing, at my personal level, to what I do?

As you respond to these questions, you draw a parallel between the answers and your values to see if your work makes sense to you. 

7 main corporate principles that give meaning to work :

1/ Harmony with the ecosystem

2/ A long-term vision

3/ Where profit and social responsibility go hand in hand

4/ The ability to build new partnerships

5/ Reinventing the logic of consumption

6/ Respect for the human being

7/ Democratic management