Sports: when the music boosts you!

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Powerful sounds. A body moving. Whether at a party, on the beach, in front of the mirror or while playing sports, music naturally accompanies us. In sports, it not only carries us away, it pushes us to our limits. Analysis and advice.

Sport is often associated with pain and effort, even if in the end we are all euphoric after a moment of physical work and sweat. You can get tired or feel pain during a session. These are pains that the music will ease since the brain will be captured by the rhythm of the sound first. By following this rhythm, we will also fight against boredom. But music mainly influences performance, as several scientific studies have shown. 

We tend to forget our own abilities and get carried away thanks to rhythmic sounds. In running, music is considered a "booster" since the runner tends to follow the rhythm of the music and not his own pace. In cardio workouts, music, which is often well rhythmed, will help to set the pace and push us to our limits. 

Tips for playing sports with music :

Choose your playlist carefully, generally rhythmic music...

Vary the rhythms according to the effort, slower at the beginning of the session then go up crescendo before going down at the end of the session.

Choosing the right headphones for greater freedom of movement

Follow the music that helps set the tempo 

For exercises that require coordination, music will help you follow your moves.