Solidarity in the workplace

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Work for the general interest, make commitments, devote your time. Several studies have shown that a company that enables its employees to contribute to a more humane society is much more likely to win their support and generate cohesion between teams.

Over the past few years, many companies have understood the importance of placing people at the heart of their strategy. By giving new meaning to our work and our skills, the commitment to solidarity provides performance and real well-being to everyone. Yet, because solidarity is not an obligation, the organisation has a duty to raise awareness in this area and encourage its employees to show solidarity through measures that often generate enthusiasm.

"Citizen and member of the Intelcia family, supportive and commited #Nzidou N'damnou".

In the midst of the health crisis, for instance, the host of this blog, Intelcia, a major player in outsourcing with 21,000 employees worldwide, has witnessed an unprecedented mobilization of its employees. On May 27, the Group called on them to show solidarity by contributing to Intelcia's employee solidarity fund to help those weakened by the health crisis.  And it was the full cardboard box for this campaign deployed through various channels under the motto "Citizen and member of the Intelcia family, in solidarity I commit #Nzidou N'damnou".

Nearly half of the employees were mobilized and some 4 million Moroccan dirhams (about 370,000 euros) were collected in a few days. "This crisis has hit us hard. If we were lucky enough to keep our jobs, thousands of employees are now without pay and without resources. As a Moroccan citizen, I joined forces with my colleagues; together, we can make a difference! ", says Abdessamad Announ, an Intelcia employee who took part in the campaign.

Falilou Fall, another Intelcia employee, added: " Confronted with this crisis and in a context of prolonged confinement, many families now find themselves in great difficulty. All it takes is a small contribution to help a person in need. It is our duty to contribute and help our fellow citizens".

The success of such a campaign and the enthusiasm it aroused among employees seems to demonstrate more than ever the need for a search for meaning and the need to be in line with one's convictions.