Inspirations for outdoor living

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As soon as the sunny days arrive, outdoor spaces become an integral part of life. Places to be inspired with a style that makes us feel good. 
A few inspirations to decorate and arrange your exterior spaces.


Lanterns for a bohemian style 

Lanterns bring a soft atmosphere to your outside spaces day and night.



The essential garden furniture 

If you are lucky enough to have a garden or terrace big enough, enjoy the sun lying comfortably on sofas, meridians and deck chairs. Not to mention a garden table to gather your friends and family around an outdoor lunch.



The solo space 

On a large outdoor space, the arrangement of a small corner with an armchair and a small table offers a quiet moment to read or meditate.



The bioclimatic pergola, an absolute must

The modern-day pergola is a true masterpiece of interior architecture, fully waterproof, allowing you to enjoy the summer days sheltered from the weather's fluctuations.



The timeless hammock 

The hammock is easy to install between two trees or two posts, and will always bring a zen and playful touch to your outdoor space.