Free holiday destination

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After the difficult period that the world has gone through, unusual initiatives offering free holidays to thank the everyday heroes who help children catch up on their schooling or to boost local tourism are increasing in numbers.  Here's a philanthropic overview.

With a gradual deconfinement around the world, borders are reopening;  children are seeing the end of a chaotic school year, and parents are dreaming of rest and holidays. Yet the looming economic crisis is already putting a big brake on their summer ambitions. But these times being literally EXTRA ORDINARY, initiatives are multiplying throughout the world to help the most underprivileged to go on a holiday.

Famous American rapper Tyga is proposing to send ten people on holiday to thank them for their involvement during the crisis, whether they are front-line workers or those who fought for racial equality. Two areas that he knows well from experience and which, in his view, deserve the world's recognition. He has provided a number where people can describe their situation to benefit from a trip.

The French government, on the other hand, is proposing a "Vacances apprenantes" program, which are summer camps where children who have been left behind during the confirment will be updated on their school programs. 250,000 children will be able to benefit from it. In addition, local authorities are offering 300,000 families with a parent who was on the "front line" during the crisis holiday vouchers of €300 to give them a break.

A little further away from home, Japan is working on a plan to refund 50% of holiday expenses to local tourists. Finally, in Italy, the village of San Giovanni in Galdo, in the little-known region of Molise, is offering to host 40 families this summer. In a single day, hundreds of applications were received from Italy, France, Ireland, Poland and Ukraine.