Boubou Design, social networking phenomenon

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Boubou Niang is an outstanding artist who has made his name in social networks thanks to his talent and his painting style. A few seconds are enough for him to reproduce a face with a cap, a basketball basket or an iPhone. He makes miracles with everything that passes through his hands. Portrait.

When you think of a painter, you immediately think of a palette, brushes and a canvas. What makes Boubou's originality is that he doesn't limit himself to this range of the perfect artist. Most importantly, he does portraits upside down. His method: take a few seconds to look at the model, choose the technique and Go!

He owes his popularity to stars such as the singer Beyoncé or the actor The Rock. By sharing their portraits, the young Senegalese star has gone viral on social networks. Each portrait has its own tool: Beyoncé with a shoe, The Rock with a dumbbell, the late Steve Jobs was given an iPhone with his portrait on it, and the result is amazing! He also drew the portrait, thanks to a cap, of the American rapper of Eritrean origin Nipsey Hussle killed in a shooting in Los Angeles in March 2019. 

Boubou was born 34 years ago in northern Senegal and grew up in Turin, Italy. He is as impressive as he is talented. He is always very surprising with regards to his working method. And he is an outstanding artist who has enjoyed great popularity on social networks, with his paintings starting to win prizes. His Instagram page has more than 1.5 million subscribers. A well-deserved success!