7 tips to enhance your well-being at work

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Managers have understood this: actions must be deployed on a regular basis to contribute to the well-being of employees. But employees also have a role to play in maintaining their well-being and staying in good mental and physical shape. Here's our advice.

1.Lunch with colleagues: take a real break, no phones. Change colleagues at each lunch to get to know each other as much as possible.

2.Do sports together: create groups according to the levels and wishes of each person and work out at lunchtime or at the end of the day. Fun times guaranteed.

3.Dinner outside of work: planned according to a theme, this meeting should be oriented and scheduled on a monthly basis for example.

4.Arrange your office so that it looks like you. Try to make the atmosphere is as serene as possible, with plants, scents or photos.

5.Redesign your meetings: standing in a hallway, outside in a garden, or walking, offer your colleagues original, less formal, but often more productive meetings.

6.Organize donations for NGOs: having a common solidarity action creates links between colleagues. Go further by arranging to go together to drop them off at the association and distribute them.

7.Set up communication tools to promote exchange between yourselves: closed Facebook group, WhatsApp group or other. Anything is good for exchanging information and news